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【FARM TO PLATE】200g Instant Sambal Chilli

【FARM TO PLATE】200g Instant Sambal Chilli

Fragrant and crispy, Farm To Plate's Sambal Chilli is extremely addictive. Beware, it goes well with everything!

Sambal Chilli is a condiment to enhance the flavour of your dishes, either Rice,Nasi Lemak,Vegetables,Kangkong,Noodles,Grilled Fish that need a little spice. Just stir fry it with all kinds of dishes. It can also go with rice, bread or any food that beyond your imagination.


✔ Handmade

✔ Fresh Ingredients 

✔ Crispy Texture tastes 

✔ Easy to Match universal wild

❌ No Belacan

❌ No Preservative 

❌ No Colouring 


~How to keep it~

Definitely at room temperature, just away from heat and light. Put under room temperature after open, to maintain it crispiness and freshness.


~Expiry Date~

2 years from manufacturing date

 Product of Malaysia

Weight: 200g


Giá thông thường $4.00 SGD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $4.00 SGD
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